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Q. What is 'Interactive Web' ?

What is an interactive web? Interactive web is a website that communicates and allows for interaction with users in the form of a website. And by interaction, we don't just mean allowing users to “click” and “scroll”. Offering users with content that is amusing, collaborative, and engaging is the essential objective of an interactive web. Beyound the limits of texts, images and videos, web is content that users directly participate(PLAY) and interact. It has a high level of immersion and freedom. Just as video content includes dramas, movies, TV shows and music videos, you'll find and endless stream of various web content on metavv such as psychological tests, online room escape, online exhibitions, virtual experiences, interactive art and flash games and more.

1. Communicate with web content

Web content is no longer just a ‘microsite’. You can enjoy, react(like), leave a comment, and share it all with friends, family and the world on metavv.      

2. Search & Save

Find web content on metavv! (just like we search for videos on YouTube, images on Pinterest). If you save your favorite content, you can easily view it again at any time!

3. Follow creators!

Follow the creators you’re interested in. You can receive news from them in the Subscriptions tab. Follows, likes and commets help creators make great creations!

4. Become a creator yourself

Upload URL Have you already created web content? If you have a URL, you can simply upload it through metavv studio.
Create with template Don’t worry if you can’t code. You can create your own content easily and using studio templates!

Why Creators Need metavv

If you already created a web content, you can simply upload URL link .

Just copy&paste the URL, and publish it!
How to publish URL content

 You can easily create a Type test or a quiz via Template

Don’t worry even if you can’t code. Create your own webpage via various templates. We make it easy for you to discover and create your own original webs by providing easy-to-use tools.
How to create Disposition-Type test by template

 Get more followers and grow your real audience through Social Service

Through likes•comments•follow, communicate and enjoy with your followers. Save your favorite content. You can easily enjoy it again at any time.

Creator’s Review

These are reviews of actual creators who created content via metavv studio.


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